Hi Everyone !

So let me start by explaining what happened on my blog. I had told Dwayne that I had a Blog, and that writing the truth felt really good. He then mentioned it to my sister, she found it, read it and told him I was making them both look like liars.  He read it and commented to a blog follower of mine and thought this person was way out of line.

Ok, I apologize for his interjections. Now I’m done with that!

To all the people who have had positive comments and encouraged me to write, I Thank You. This is an outlet for me. I am working through my issues. Most of the people who comment to me, see that and find my story interesting. To the Haters, or people who know me personally, (or think they do). If you don’t like my Blog, don’t read it.  Obviously there are some that I need to say that too. If you are reading it for any reason other than your own interest or curiosity. Please stop. Life is hard enough. No one needs others to make it harder, I know I don’t.


We are have some really crazy weather in NY. I am hating it. Between menopause, my MS and just people human; I am never comfortable. During the night, the blankets on and then the blankets off, all through the night. Yuck!!  I have taken a few more falls, so I am going to the doctor soon to see if there is some type of assistance equipment that will help me to walk.  I need to continue walking my dog, LOL.

So I bought the new book, “the Stash Plan”, it sounded like exactly what I need. But it requires you have a Gallbladder, but I had mine removed years ago. So this cleanse is not going to work for me. So I continue to search for a program to help me shed weight and get healthy. Im still not smoking. In fact I have gotten serious and no more cheating with a drag or cigarette here and there.My thighs are weak so I need to strengthen them. But I need to stay standing.

My life is very calm and I’m really loving it.  I made Easter Dinner for just the three of us. and it was really nice, ( so easy compared to what I’ve cooked for so many years).  So I have been working on budgeting and have a plan in the house. I know it sounds crazy but I never learned about that stuff. I think it is finally clicking. HOPEFULLY,  I will be able to successfully budget. I really want to save money and buy this house we are living in. So Positive actions going forward.

Well, the weather is supposed to get warm and stay warm now. I want to start a small garden, but I know my Beagle Coonhound will eat everything. Gonna look into some type of small table garden. Just a few spices and maybe a little lettuce or tomatoes.  We will have to see how that goes. I realized recently that I have no plants in the house. I always have had plants in the house, so it’s time to buy a few and bring the life back inside the house.

All good stuff. I hope everyone following is doing well. Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks!!





24 thoughts on “Hi Everyone !

  1. Hi! I just want to give you credit for how strong you are considering everything you have been through. I hope and pray for you and your family’s health and strength.
    Greg K.


    1. I absolutely Love you!! I admire you! Stay strong! I fell in love with your father watching interviews. I just think he was a lost soul who was deprived love as a child and I can relate. He had so much love for you guys and yet,could not show it. I’m very sorry for what you went through


    1. I don’t think he abused them, but im not sure. He abused their mother, but I never heard anything about abusing the boys.
      I remember hearing that he was in contact with his soon Richard. He occasionally saw them when they were in their twenties.


  2. Please take care of yourself. MS is not a disease to mess around with. I hope you are well today. Please keep writing your blog. I think it will continue to help you heal. God bless!


  3. Hi Christin, i have always been curious of three things since reading about your father & your family. First is did your father have any non illegal income? Also was the financial situation in the home fairly steady, or extreem highs and lows? And lastly what i have always wanted to know but could never find out, is did your dad have any money put aside/saved? I mean did he leave you guys anything when he went away in 86?


    1. Legal employment, he had a job in the film labs splicing films together. I believe he left there when he got involved with porn.
      Money was definitely extreme highs and lows. He would one week he was making piles of money on the dining room table. Other times he was selling his jewelry or my grandmother was feeding us. My mother’s mother.
      Many people thought he had money stashed. We never got it, I don’t think he had anything put aside. He was not a planner he kind of lived in the moment.
      He left us with nothing.


      1. thank you for your response. that must have been another thing that was hard on you, the financial instability. according to phillip carlos book your dad was making hundreds of thousands of dollars cashing fraudulent checks right up to the time he was arrested. but i always kinda doubted that since he had a public defender for his attorney.


        1. LOL- you are correct, he left us with nothing.
          Unfortunately, we never learned budgeting or living within your means. At 50yrs old, I think I have learned how to pay my bills and
          keep my belongings.
          Been a long road.


          1. well dont be too hard on yourself, I think most people in this country have a hard time saving and budgeting due to the culture we live in. By the way, what is your opinion of patrick kane? He seems kinda of weird to me the little i know of him.

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  4. firstly i saw movie – ‘the iceman’… and then found your blog, i have read some of your blogs… i want to know that what were your thoughts just after your father got arrested…


    1. We didn’t believe they really had him. He had gotten away with it so long, we thought he would never get caught. Our first interviews we were crying that they had made a mistake, he didn’t do anything wrong. When we realized he wasn’t coming home, we all felt differently. Being so conditioned it took time for us to believe they really had him.

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  5. Ive done alot of searching for info and watched all footage.i know that your life must be very difficult.i am sorry and pray for you to find peace.id love to hear your thought on anything having to do with your life.i fully support you


  6. I am very encouraged by your transparency. I also believe it is healing to be so vulnerable. I have dealt with a lot of hurt and disappointment from my family and have often thought of writing a book about it, but lack the courage. I encourage you to continue sharing. You can take pleasure in knowing that you transparency helps others. I didn’t even know “ice man” was about a true story until the end…and then I searched the internet to learn more and found your blog. I pray for you to get the healing you need in whatever form you need it and that you have peace in your life.

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    1. R u going to write a book or do a documentary of your own?

      On Tue, Jul 5, 2016, 10:50 AM Christin Kuklinski wrote:

      > ckuklinski commented: “Thank you, What doesn’t kill you makes you will > make you stronger. Christin” >


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