Alot going on…

I told my brother about my blog, now my family is following it! Dwayne voiced himself and I approved it. Felt that he had a right to reply. Then Barbara replied and I edited what she said before po…

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6 thoughts on “Alot going on…

  1. So sorry to hear that your family treats you that way,my parents have both passed and I have one sister who has not spoke to me in years so I know what it is like to have no family

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  2. I saw “American Monster” tonight, and I’m still going with at least a 4-star rating on Amazon. Excellent series. Tonight, I liked how they interspersed your perspective with those of psychiatrists — he was great, as usual, and he was on “Twisted,” but I’ve forgotten his name — police commentary, and your family video. It’s chilling to think back, probably, and really realize what was going on behind the scenes.

    I saw the film “Iceman,” read the book, and saw the “Iceman” tapes. Chilling. I also read that you want to write a book. I think it would be interesting, if you do, to write a somewhat linear narrative of your family life, and juxtapose that with the crimes you didn’t know about (but do now, of course), and how now, you can look back and see clues, if there were some. A truly-objective read would be best, in my opinion. I read Melissa Moore’s book, and I think it would’ve been stronger if Keith and his crimes would’ve been discussed more.

    Anyways, nice work on the show. And best of luck.

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  3. I stumbled across this page by chance. Im familiar w ur dads story but honestly whats prompted me to comment is you. I come from a large dysfunctional family w their own set of issues that I have struggled w for years. I have no contact w my mom n sister…my father has passed. I have 4 brothers that r so damaged its exhausting to even talk w them on the rare occasion when I do. I just simply dont want to be another monkey in the family circus. Im at peace w that.. Im a good person n have never done anything to any of them. I will not be attending my moms funeral…I said my goodbyes long ago via a letter. NO ONE understands how I can feel this way. I have raised 2 children who grown now n have an awesome husband n Im happy….for the first time in a longtime Im genuinely happy. It was a long road and alot of work. So as one woman to another…I get it…if you just want to talk to someone who gets it.. it would be no problem for me. I dont want anything from you n my interest is not ur dad…just woman to woman dealing w the aftermath of a family that should have never been yours. May the Lord bless n keep you always, Catherine


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