I am very grateful for the good wishes, prayers and kind words sent my way.

I am feeling better. Walking on thin ice emotionally. I was surprised by the people who so quickly reached out with positive words. Thank You, it means a lot. Surprising to me that people care and take the time to reach out to me. The first response felt like a very unexpected hug. I needed that! 

I hear the hurt from so many people this time of year. Wish there was a true way of making that stop. Many of us have learned to deal with it, and life goes on. So many people are damaged and walking around in pain. I can’t accept that there is nothing that can be done to stop or at least help the children growing up in this today. There is a daily story of some terrible thing being done to children, women and animals. All the smart people in this world and we can’t stop this from happening daily! That is my wish this year, somehow we are able to save more, from having to live with abuse and terror. 


8 thoughts on “I am very grateful for the good wishes, prayers and kind words sent my way.

  1. Hi Christin, i have read so many info about your father’s story. All agree that the family was the most important thing for him. I saw his interview on prison and he said he could kill all people in that room to protect their children. Life goes on, and i can’t figure how difficult has been for you to deal with it.

    I wish you a merry christmas for all of you.

    Best regards.


  2. Hi Christin.
    I hope you’re having a nice start to the new year an your health issues are under control.
    I have a question about the iceman movie , one of the daughters gets hit by a car. Did something similar like that happen in real life or was it just added to the movie?. They really did make your dad look the total opposite to what the book describes him.


    1. Good morning,
      We never had an incident like getting hit by a car. Merrick was always sick and often hospitalized. I believe they simplified it by saying a car accident.


  3. Thank you for the reply.
    How’s the weather in America ?.
    Can you an your siblings speak a little polish or Italian ?. I imagine Barbara spoke Italian. Did Richard know a bit of Polish ?.
    All the best Christin.

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    1. No, we picked up an Italian word here and there from my great grandmother. No polish, we had a dog we named” Shaba”. My father told us it meant little frog in polish.


  4. Hey Christin.
    Thank you for the response.
    That’s a cute name 😊. What kind of dog was he or she ?
    Could Richard speak Polish ?.
    My Background’s Hungarian an I only know a few words as wel .


  5. Hello Christin.
    Thank you for the response 😊.
    I bet he was beautiful. They’re a great breed newfound lands.
    I hope he didn’t suffer the same fate like your dog princess ?
    I bet she was a beauty to


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