Survived another Christmas.

Happy Holidays Everyone. Hope everyone has managed to get through and maybe even enjoy some.
I spent Christmas day at the hospital with my sister. Merrick went in on the Tues before Christmas. She is still in the hospital but out of ICU.
She ignored her symptoms, as usual, agrees to go when she could barely breathe. This situation has caused me upsetment, and having to deal with my family. Nothing has changed and I desperately try to not get sucked in. I am upset about Merrick’s health. Please say a prayer for her recovery.
Thank You,


15 thoughts on “Survived another Christmas.

  1. Hello Christin. I’m glad you made it through. I feel the same way this time of year. I don’t know, it’s just strange how the holidays have different effects on people. I’m always the “scrooge”. But that’s ok…come Jan. 2nd, I return to being the nice one that everyone walks on. I don’t see the big deal….. dealing with me being an a**hole for two weeks is a lot easier than dealing with them being a**holes for 50 weeks!!!! Keep your head up!!! Always praying for you and your family!!!!!

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    1. Hi John,
      Well Said!!! Couldn’t agree more.
      So many people have a hard time with the holidays. But we fight through it year after year.


  2. Hello Christin. Glad to hear your doing so much better. If you dont mind me asking, how is Dwayne your brother doing? Did he pick up any of your fathers bad traits? Was he able to overcome yall’s childhood and live a normal healthy life? I’m new to your blog and find it really interesting. The firecracker incident with your brother really shocked me. I can’t believe your father was able to just casually watch t.v while your brother had a blown up hand. Really shows his emotional detachment.


    1. I believe that my father lied about many things. But I know that he killed many people and was involved in slot of mad behavior. Roy and my father did business, Roy called our house frequently. The particulars about what he did, I do not know.


      1. good afternoon , i am very interested in your story , i grew up in queens and was born in 76, there was always a mob element and crime lerked all around us. I feel for you guys, all of you and from watching the tapes i see your father was not as terrible as the world says, however no one can describe the pain in your house but you guys. I have a son and daughter and would pray i always love them and support them i feel so sad for a boy whos spirit is broken by a father, or daughter for that matter. Stay strong and hope God stays with yall


  3. Thank you for the response. I’m sorry if my ‘ bad arse ‘ comment comes across as insensitive an innapropriate. I’m glad I found your blog to read about the real reality living with him etc. Phillip Carlo I think hyped up an ovrer exadurrated alot of stories. Thank you Christin for giving us the chance to hear your side. If you ever publish a book i’ll be the first one in Australia to order it 😊. Is it pk to ask if the bond between Merrick an Richard was as true as the book claimed ?. E.g staying with her in hospital , purchasing toys an other kind things for other sick children in the ward.


    1. Yes, Merrick was very close to my father, as close as he would allow. The hospital stories are all true, he had tremendous empathy for children. He cried for sick children that he saw at the hospital when my sister was there.


  4. I always admired his endless compassion an strong belief in never hurting a child. I understand if you don’t wish to or can’t answer this question. In the book it said he rescued about 20 trafficked kids that were locked in a basement. He killed the guy , called the police an gave the signal for the kids to go up stairs etc. Is it as true as the book says ?. I can imagine him doing justice in that situation. In the book its clear he loathed pedophiles/rapists.


    1. I made a mistake sorry. He killed the guy , told the kids to count to 20 then go upstairs to call the police to return to family an safety.


  5. A pleasure to have you on here. Just wondering, has your brother ever been arrested? Did your son or your sister’s son had ever problems with the law? I believe a lot in genes, it would be extremely surprising if none of the men in your family pick up your fathers genes (maybe one already did).This is usually atavistic, pay attention, may be your grandson will pick up your father genes, hopefully they don’t.


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