Been awhile…

I would like to mention the many people who have known me at some point in my life.
Thank You, for the kind words. I wish I had known that I could have told someone. Talked about the ugly truth that my life was. No one knew so there are no apologies necessary.
I question if some of my extended family knew that bad things went on in my house
But times were different. People were ignorant to abuse in a family.
No one talked about it or did anything. Very grateful that times are changing and many of the ugly secrets kept in the closet are now being called out. You can’t get away with things like you used to, this is awesome!
To all the people who have suffered various abuses and reached out. I Hear You ! I am glad that you talked with me. Be strong, you can get through it and Live the Life you were meant to live.
I have not been writing a lot because…I AM LIVING MY LIFE!
I did an interview on ID. I am working on some other projects. I’m not done speaking. Please keep listening.

14 thoughts on “Been awhile…

  1. your blog is encouraging and refreshing – in a world saddened by woes – it is lovely to find someone with a positive and progressive outlook – I wish you and your family every success in your futures. – keep posting Christin

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  2. Hi Christin, I’m very sorry to hear about your experiences both as a child and as an adult. Please know even though your family history has been an uphill battle you have demonstrated positive change is not only possible but a reality. I can’t imagine how much you and your siblings have gone through and how hard it is to manage the relationships between your mom and siblings. There is no doubt you are all victims of extreme circumstances but your will for moving forward and “living life” is admiringly extraordinar. I know there are people out there that can relate to the very personal feedback you shared about your life. It helps to know others are not alone in their personal vulnerabilities and struggles. You have demonstrated no one should ever be ashamed of their history or things out of their control. It’s what we learn and how we impact people that will make the difference. Stay strong my friend.


  3. Christin, I watched the movie The Iceman last night. It was a different experience for me than most. I took an interest in the film because in the beginning it addresses Richie working in a film lab. My father owned a film lab in New York. He had a Richie Kuklinski working for him for about six months. As I watched the movie I could not believe more unfolded about the character. The Richie who worked for my dad had told me of how he yanked a closet pole out and beat a bully with it. The blood rushed out of my face when I heard the same story in the movie. I finally went on Google. Yes, I worked with your father for about a half a year. Interesting world. Blessing to you, Ray


  4. Christin, I am fascinated by the story of your father. To me, it’s horrible and sad. I’m just a stranger, but I’m a fellow human being with great empathy for your family. I have often wondered what became of you, your brother and sister and your mom. I cannot imagine the initial shock and the continual processing you have all had to go through. I truly hope that there’s been enough healing to have a full life, a life that includes happiness and peace. – Susan


  5. not judging you about anything you are just really pretty girl with a bit harsh life in the past that’s all even that is not important. you are just a girl who has a dream and trying to get them and I wish you the best in reaching all of them. remember you are strong enough you passed such hard years to be strong and live your life .your parents should proud of you and of course, they do. lots of love and support from Canada.


  6. hi Christin…. watched the movie, it led me here. not sure what to say, just sending support and good wishes. i have family members that ignore their health until disaster, and aging parents, i empathize. please keep blogging, the holidays are here, you need your mental health about you!
    a friend in nj


  7. Christin….I have been looking for you for a long time. We went to PC together, yoy were so nice to me when others weren’t
    IA lived up the hill from you…..”applesauce and cupcakes forever” maybe you will remember me and get in touch


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